Advent Reflection

Just before athletes step out on the track at the Olympic Games they go into what is known as the “call room” where they wait to be summoned to the start line for what may be the most important race of their lives.

I have worked at five Olympics and my impression of the call room is a place where I have witnessed some of the giants of the sport humbled and silenced by tension, stress fear and anticipation in their final waiting moments.

Athletes always feel better when the race gets going, because those minutes waiting in a confined room  with the strong smell of liniment and the razor sharp tension can be painfully and often detrimentally  long.

In a place so quiet – yet full of coiled energy- I tend to the final needs of he athlete and observe every movement. Be they African, European or Asian, the majority of athlete spend those final moments before the race in prayer in reques to for the perfect performance. I know that if I were taken into a call room and told that I had only minutes to live, my final request would be to get down on my knees to pray forgiveness and to give thanks…139 GHartmann..