Glenstal Days 2017

Glenstal Days in 2017

Take some time and join us during these Autumn days at Glenstal

and renew, refresh and restore your spirit.



 “The Benedict Option and why we need it now”

30th September

This phrase, taken from a recent article in the Plough, sets the tone for this retreat day as we examine why Benedict’s Rule is as relevant today as it was in 480.

Benedict wasn’t interested in bullying people into holiness, rather he sought to provide a way of life which would ensure that our “hearts would enlarge and that we would run in the way of God’s commandments with the unspeakable sweetness of love”.

We will look at some elements of his design to achieve this ambitious goal and how we can apply them in our busy lives.


“Ageing Well”

14th October

As we all live longer and longer, can we age well? Are there things we can do to help?

This day will reflect on the challenges of ageing. It will consider what spiritual practices we can use to help bring us successfully through this ‘third stage of life.


SBNR: “I am spiritual but not religious”

4th November

An increasing number of people describe themselves as being spiritual but not religious – interested in spirituality but not in religion.

“I am losing my religion and discovering my spirituality”.

If asked to explain what they mean, most people are quite vague in their answers. Some speak of the wonders of nature and wanting to deepen their spirituality. Others are disillusioned with formal religion and want their own spirituality. Others, notable some church leaders, are concerned about the vagueness of the term spiritual.

This day will reflect on what we mean by spirituality today and examine if it is possible for religion and spirituality to coexist once again


“Getting in touch with your inner tortoise –

preparing for the Christmas Season”

25th November

Life is fast – Pope Francis calls it the ‘rapidification’ of life. I like speed and the adrenaline rush that goes with it. But there is another side to me which is being neglected and which I need to stay in touch with – my inner tortoise. I suspect I would be happier and more productive if I did this and lived my life rather than racing through it. Pascal claimed that many of our problems derive from our inability to sit still. We need time and stillness to draw together the fragments of our lives.

This is especially true as we approach the Christmas season. This day will reflect on the gradual speeding up of our lives and how we can slow down and be ready to bathe ourselves in the celebration of the Christmas season.



Registration 10am @ Monastery Reception.

Finish @ 5.15 with option of staying for 6pm Vespers

Cost: €85 (including lunch, morning and afternoon tea/coffee) 

061 – 621005