Madrigal 75 Vocal Ensemble Concert

On Saturday 26th April at 4pm the Madrigal 75 vocal ensemble will give a free concert in Glenstal.

This hour-long choral concert will feature sacred and reflective music ending with Santiago, from Path of Miracles by Joby Talbot, which tells the story of pilgrims who made their way to Santiago de Compostela, one of the revered spiritual places in the world. The physical and spiritual progress of the pilgrim is mapped out through the music and text (by Robert Dickinson).
We have walked out of our lives 
To come to where the walls of heaven 
Are thin as a curtain, transparent as glass, 
Where the Apostle spoke the holy words, 
Where in death he returned, where God is close, 
Where saints and martyrs mark the road. 
This extraordinarily moving piece finishes with the pilgrim repeating prayers to St James in celebration of the end of the journey and the beginning of a new life.