“Is Messy (not Messi!) O.K?”

Saturday 28th April  2018

with Mark Patrick Hederman and Fr. Simon Sleeman.

Many of us want everything neat and tidy in our lives. But life is messy and it is unlikely that we will ever get our lives ordered in the way we would like.

There is some evidence to suggest that in some areas of life, you will be more successful if you stop trying to control everything and let things be a tad messy. And this can be true of our spiritual lives too.  Carl J. Arico comments, in his book, A Taste of Silence: Centering Prayer and the Contemplative Journey, “the problem in trying to be human on our spiritual journey is our desire for neatness. We want everything to fit together. Although the spiritual journey has  many characteristics, neatness is not one of them. Life isn’t neat.”

Tim Harford claims that, “A good job, a good building even a good relationship has openness and adaptability.  But many jobs, buildings and relationships do not; they are monotonous and controlling. They sacrifice messy possibility for tidy predictability. Openness and adaptability are inherently messy.

We will reflect on how messy life can be and  the need to get more comfortable with messiness. Mark Patrick Hederman will join us to look at how the author Iris Murdoch rejected the neatness of philosophy and adopted the novel as a more adequate tool to explore the messiness that is our life.

Who is this for? Anyone who experiences life as messy and would like some reassurance that this is O.K!

Mark Patrick Hederman, PhD, former abbot of Glenstal. He has written and lectured extensively in the area of philosophy and theology. Among his publications are Kissing the Dark, Walkabout: Life as Holy Spirit and his most recent, The Opal and the Pearl.

Simon Sleeman, BA in psychology and MA in theology and organisational development. He is a former Headmaster and Bursar at Glenstal Abbey where he has been a monk for over 40 years.

Information: Bring suitable outdoor boots/clothes.

Registration 10am @ Monastery Reception.

Finish @ 5.15 with option of staying for Vespers @ 6pm

Cost: €85 (including lunch, morning and afternoon tea/coffee)