Oblates & Associates

Oblation is a free act of self offering to God whereby individual Christians establish a relationship with a particular Benedictine Community. Oblates are Christians who desire to make their own the values expressed in the Rule of St Benedict as a pattern for their living the Gospel message in daily life. Following the teaching of Benedict, oblates “seek God” by way of a “conversion of life” adapted to their own vocation and state of life, so as constantly to renew their baptismal consecration.

There is a year of preparation for those who aspire to becoming oblates. This involves bi-monthly meetings. At the end of the aspirants’ year a promise of oblation is made in a special liturgical celebration.

The Benedictine Oblates’ Life Programme:

Prayer is essential to the Benedictine life. Oblates will seek to nourish their prayer life from authentic spiritual sources, from the liturgy, and from meditation on the Word of God and from the Rule of Saint Benedict.

Practical Choices for Oblate Living at Glenstal Abbey

1. Taking on the daily prayer of the Divine Office in union with the community at Glenstal using Morning and Evening Prayer from any divine office booklet. This is an important link with the praying monastic community at Glenstal.

2. Taking on the Benedictine way of prayer in ‘lectio divina’, that is, using the Scriptures for your prayer.

3. Attendance at the oblate meetings and at the two Day-Retreats for Advent and Lent.

ASSOCIATES: Linked to the Oblature Apostolate at Glenstal Abbey.

Associates are friends of the Abbey at Glenstal who wish to have a non-structured relationship with the monastery and who are interested in Benedictine values for their daily Christian living. They are invited to attend the Oblate Advent and Lenten Day-Retreats at the Abbey and a mid-Summer day retreat which is for all friends of the Abbey who are associated with its work in any way and who wish to keep up contact with the community.

Oblate DirectorFor more information write to or email:

The Oblate Director
Glenstal Abbey
Co. Limerick