Our Work

The community is engaged in a wide range of work. The major work is, as the Rule of Benedict indicates, the work of God, praying the Divine Office.

Our main source of income and the work which involves several members of the community, is work in the school. Monks are involved in teaching, tutoring, sports management, chaplaincy and house mastering.

We also run a dairy farm which employs one man and has a monk as the farm manager.

Hospitality in its various guises, is a key work for several monks. Welcoming day visitors and hosting longer term guests is an important work of the monastery.

Other work includes administration, adult education, running a shop, retreat giving, gardening, beekeeping, the Oblate Programme and academic study.

Aside from these works many of the monks contribute to the life of the Community. The Abbot is a ‘Father’ (‘Abba’) to the Community, while the day-to-day running of the monastery is the work of the Prior. Other roles include Novice Master, Junior Master, Choir Master, Master of Ceremonies, Sacristan, Infirmarian and Bursar. A number of lay staff also work alongside the monastic Community.

The monastery is our home. As in any home there is the ongoing work of caring for each other, particularly the sick and aged.