T4W: The flash of the kingfisher’s wing

The Gospel of Mark portrays the disciples as unaware, failing to pick up the clues and nudges they were given: they don’t get it – and fail to recognise Him.

The kingfisher flashes past them and Peter or someone  (usually Peter) turns round and says, ‘Oh, I missed that!’.

In contrast, John’s Gospel presents a steady accumulation of moments of recognition and realisation from the moment ( right after the first sign in Cana)  when the disciples see his glory’ (John 2:11) and begin to understand.

In the Gospel of Luke we have the growing recognition of Jesus after the resurrection but it takes time. We have the two disciples on the road to Emmaus gradually understanding the new form of presence they encountered, recognising him at the breaking of bread.

Jesus clearly wants us to be alert, full of expectation and wonder – listening  to the words, watching with a degree of inner stillness that allows the unexpected world- the changing flash of the kingfisher’s wing to occur and startle us.