Women of Spirit & Faith

May 26th, June 9th & 23rd

Over three Saturdays we invite you to a series of talks exploring women in the Bible. For centuries they’ve inspired, enlightened and empowered us. With their unadorned faith, the women of the bible continue to teach us to live authentic God-touched lives. Dr Jessie Rogers, Mary Immaculate College Limerick, will lead each morning’s presentation. Dr Rogers hails from Cape Town, South Africa, where she lectured in Biblical Studies at Cornerstone Christian College before joining Mary Immaculate College, Department of Theology & Religious Studies in September 2007. She obtained a DPhil from the University of Stellenbosch for research into the figure of Woman Wisdom in Sirach. The afternoon sessions will involve the use of different media to explore further the theme of the morning sessions.

May 26th

Women through Word & Dance

The morning session will focus on Miriam, Moses’ sister. “Come sing and dance to Yahweh! Sing praises to the God who has freed us!” Miriam leads the song and the dance, and she leads the Israelites in their first service of worship as free people.

In the afternoon, Mary Nunan will lead us in dance, echoing Miriam’s dance of praise. Mary is an independent artist, choreographer and performer. She is currently Course Director of an MA in Contemporary Dance Performance at the University of Limerick.

June 9th

Women through Word & Glass

The morning session will focus on Esther and her development from passive young girl to national hero and saviour. In the book named for her, she stands out as a rounded, dynamic character capable of growth and change.

A selection of Old Testament women – Ruth, Deborah, Rachel, Rebecca, Esther and Judith – make up the background in Harry Clarke’s window, “The Coronation of the Virgin” (St Joseph’s Church, Terenure, Dublin 6). We take up the artist’s invitation to reflect on Our Lady in their light.

June 23rd
Women through Word & Film

The Gospels offer several stories of a woman anointing Jesus. This session looks at each of these stories as distinct windows onto the spirituality of mostly unnamed women who intuitively understood and responded with extravagance to Jesus of Nazareth.

In the afternoon we will view Babatte’s Feast (directed by Gabriel Axel,1987). It is a cinematic feast for the senses and spirit. The movie begins with a portrait of two elderly sisters who employ Babette Hersant as a housekeeper. In the course of her fourteen years as their cook she has a profound effect on them and on the lives of the villagers.

Cost & Enrolment

Participation in each workshop costs €65 which includes lunch.

To register please email